Maher Ash Hurley

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What we say:

Most of us here at US Hurling have hurled with Maher sticks for the last few years. Paul Maher has a wealth of information and is a true craftsman. The fit and finish of his hurleys leave most others wanting. If it's good enough to feature on "How it's Made" (see below), that's more than good enough for us.

Note: Every hurley comes pre-oiled with linseed. No extra charge, just like it should be.

Curious about which cut is best for you? Here's our take on it.

What Maher Handmade Hurls says:

At Maher Handmade Hurls, we have been making the finest quality hurls for almost 30 years. Unlike most other brands, we handcraft each hurl individually with the greatest skill and care. We take pride in using the finest quality timber to produce a hurl that will last over time. Over the years, we have made thousands of hurls for clubs around Ireland, and even as far abroad as Japan.


The "How it's Made" clip referenced above:

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