Blitz Hurling Grip - Extra Long

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What we say:

Everything is right about this grip. Our resident Goalkeeper has tried nearly everything on his sticks (hockey tape, athletic tape, bound cordage, grips from other manufacturers, you name it) and prefers Blitz grips over all others.

This grip is extra long; at almost 60 inches this grip will cover about 16" of handle, so the days of cutting new grips to tack a bit on to the end of a freshly gripped hurl are over.

If that's longer than you need, try the Karakal PU Super Grip.

What Blitz says:

We worked hard to get these grips right. We think they are the best on the market. A single piece grip with an underlay of durable padding and long-lasting adhesive to keep the grip in place game after game. The start of the grip is beveled and tapered to prevent obstructions and bulges.

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