GAA Match Sliotar

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What we say:

There are sliotars out there that cost more; they are not better.

There are sliotars out there that cost less; they are far worse.

This hurling ball is every bit the equal of the offering from the big "O" at a price that is a substantial fraction of that offering. Easily survives a full season without deformation, cover damage, or seam issues.

What Azzurri says:

Consistent Strike, Bounce, Flight & Grip, in all weather conditions

Waterproof Micro coated leather outer (2.3 mm)
Special treatment to soften leather and rim
3 Phase Moulded PU core 
100% Hand Stitched Skill 
Meets GAA specification and approval

-Weight 115 gm
-Diameter 70 mm
-Circumference 235.6 mm
-Rim - Height 2.7 mm, Width 4.2 mm

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