Hurley Sizing - What Size Hurl Should You Get?

Posted by John Wilkinson on

We're shootin' the s##t about sizin' yo' sticks. Think you're kinda tall and need a 36"? Looking for extra length to fell some trees? Take a second to check out our sizing guide and figure out which stick is right for you.

Here in the US, the typical advice about hurley sizing has lagged far enough behind the game development and play-style changes that the advice is now a bit dated. During a recent trip to Ireland (where we had a chance to play directly against several Irish clubs), we spoke with several players, hurley-makers, coaches, and other interested parties to discuss the issue of hurl sizing specifically. The general consensus is that the game is moving overall to a slightly shorter stick than previously recommended.

(Are you or a loved one under the impression that you need a 36" stick? You probably don't.)



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